JPMorgan and DBS digitize Payments using Blockchain Technology

The US investment bank JPMorgan, Singapore’s largest bank (DBS) and the state-owned investment firm Temasek have jointly launched a new blockchain company focused on global payments and cross-border transactions between banks. The new company called Partior seeks to digitize commercial banks’ money using the blockchain technology. It aims to reduce the existing friction in cross-border payments, transactions and foreign […]

Diem replaces Libra as Facebook stablecoin

Not much is left of the ambitious plans that Facebook presented to the public as Libra in the summer of 2019. The global corporation did not manage to dispel the concerns of critics. The evolution from currency basket “Libra” to the stablecoin “Diem”. Libra was a digital blockchain currency proposed by the American social media […]

Crypto exchanges expand services with tokenized stocks

Some crypto exchanges have enabled their users to trade traditional stocks through tokenized products. Now Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is venturing into the world of tokenized stock trading. Is the new financial world merging with the old one? One of the major advantages of tokenized stocks is that traders can buy fractions of […]

Fashion Brands Using Blockchain to Combat Counterfeiting

The blockchain technology has various use cases. Some of the largest fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Prada are now implementing blockchain solutions to authenticate their products in a more transparent way and prevent counterfeiting. The consortium plans to make their blockchain tool available to other luxury brands. The solution will provide their customers greater […]

Venmo offers Cryptocurrencies to 70 million customers

Venmo now offers its more than 70 million customers the opportunity to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the app. Adoption of crypto-assets as a means of payment appears to be surging, including the simplification of what was originally a complex purchase process. Starting this week, U.S. customers of Venmo will have the ability to […]

The tokenization of commodities

Tokenization has been a hot topic lately, with a lot of new projects getting launched. Especially in Switzerland, the so-called “Crypto Valley”, this aspect of the blockchain technology has gained traction. A conversation with Tokentrust CEO Marco Grossi on the tokenization of commodities. In short, tokenization is the representation of an asset on the blockchain. For trading […]

Weekly Bitcoin USD Chart Analysis Calendar Week 15 – 2021

Bitcoin USD daily basis Bitcoin USD Chart Analysis – Strong correction over the weekend The reporting week started cautiously and with continued bullish undertone. The market focused on a break of the recently stubborn 60’000 USD resistance zone. Thus, on Monday, it traded in very narrow trading ranges around 59’800 USD. On Tuesday, the breakthrough […]

FINMA approves regulated marketplace for digital assets

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has granted financial services provider Taurus SA a securities firm license to operate a regulated marketplace for digital assets. The marketplace is intended to support any type of digital asset. With the new marketplace, the Swiss company aims to meet the growing demand from banks and issuers for […]

Trends Crypto Markets Q1 2021

In the first quarter, the crypto markets saw significant gains. Accordingly, it can be hard to keep track. The crypto market capitalization reached 2 trillion USD for the first time, while non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Binance Smart Chain gained momentum. The world’s leading cryptocurrency aggregator publishes a 50-page report every quarter. In their latest analysis of […]