About us

“We’re a small, dedicated Team with a Mission: to create the Trading Machine of the Future – MachinaTrader.”
“We’re not just building an app or a website. We’re creating a secure, all-encompassing, unifying platform. On this foundation, we’re building our trader – MachinaTrader.”
“We believe in our “1 user, 1 server” architecture. In terms of security, data protection, and privacy, and also because it allows every user to get the full power of a dedicated server, performing steady and constantly.

We are a Swiss FinTech start-up based in Basel – MachinaLabs AG. We embarked on our mission years ago and officially founded our company in the summer of 2020. Our team consists of 5 founders from Switzerland and Germany, complemented by two additional board members. We are programmers, IT professionals, and crypto enthusiasts with a passion for technology, challenges, and the satisfaction of making things work. And beer.


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Thierry Gilgen

CEO MachinaLabs AG
"The Captain"

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Thiemo Borger

CTO MachinaLabs AG
"The Architect"

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Renato Barba

COO MachinaLabs AG
"The Organizer"

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Mathias Alge

CBO MachinaLabs AG
"The Designer"

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Bob the Bot

Supporter and Reporter
"The Automator"


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