JPMorgan and DBS digitize Payments using Blockchain Technology

The US investment bank JPMorgan, Singapore’s largest bank (DBS) and the state-owned investment firm Temasek have jointly launched a new blockchain company focused on global payments and cross-border transactions between banks. The new company called Partior seeks to digitize commercial banks’ money using the blockchain technology. It aims to reduce the existing friction in cross-border payments, transactions and foreign […]

Ethereum 2.0 Staking Contract Continues to Grow

Ethereum 2.0 is the next evolutionary phase of the Ethereum blockchain. It will mark the transition from proof-of-work algorithm to proof-of-stake. In the process, the Ethereum 2.0 Staking Contract recently reached an all-time high of 3.6 million ETH – over 3% of the total supply. Glassnode is reporting that at its current price of approximately $1’631, the […]

Blockchain Interoperability: Towards a Connected Future

Interoperability is the ability of software to exchange information between different ecosystems. In the case of blockchains, it has the potential to break the silos and to create a network of blockchains: A broad overview of blockchain interoperability and the Polkadot project. More and more people are considering blockchains as safe and promising. Thousands of projects relying […]

Blockchain arbitration for efficient dispute resolution

To prevent legal disputes arising in connection with the conclusion and execution of contracts, blockchains and smart contracts offer the possibility to simplify business transactions considerably. An overview of potential dispute resolution options. Blockchains and Smart Contracts are technologies of multiple use. Nevertheless, legal disputes cannot be completely avoided even by using such innovative technologies. […]