The tokenization of commodities

Tokenization has been a hot topic lately, with a lot of new projects getting launched. Especially in Switzerland, the so-called “Crypto Valley”, this aspect of the blockchain technology has gained traction. A conversation with Tokentrust CEO Marco Grossi on the tokenization of commodities. In short, tokenization is the representation of an asset on the blockchain. For trading […]

WEF 2021 discusses the potential of tokenization

The World Economic Forum (WEF) held its Global Technology Governance Summit this week. Tokenization was one of the central themes. Accordingly, the name of one session was “Arrival of the Token Economy: From Art to Real Estate”. The WEF panelists discussed several different ways in which tokenization is impacting society. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, the Minister of Economy […]

Institutional interest in tokenisation is growing

As investment in crypto assets grows, blockchain applications and especially the use case of tokenisation are coming into focus. Institutions face the challenge of adopting this new technology. The concept of tokenisation persists. Several analysts wrote it off previously. With growing regulatory clarity, an increasing number of leading banks and institutions are conducting tokenisation projects that point […]

5 questions answered by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

How will blockchain technology affect our lives? Can digital currencies establish themselves as an asset class? The questions that arise in the world of crypto seem limitless. We limit ourselves to five and turn to experts in the field. The development in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space as well as the rapidly growing ecosystem around the new technology is […]

Crypto Valley Roundup – Start of the year 2021

The Crypto Valley is known to be one of the most “crypto-friendly” regions in the world. But what specifically is happening within the Blockchain ecosystem? The “Crypto Valley Roundup” aims to provide insight and highlights from selected events every two months. With the first Blockchain companies settling in the area of Zug from 2013 onwards, […]