Rupertus Rothenhäuser on why every bank will need a crypto asset strategy

We live in an age of digital disruption that has accelerated over the last year. Central banks are unleashing record levels of monetary stimulus, while technology continues to rapidly reshape our global economy. Thoughts on the future of digital assets by Rupertus Rothenhäuser. It has shown us that conventional thinking will not bring the answers […]

Crypto Valley Roundup – Start of the year 2021

The Crypto Valley is known to be one of the most “crypto-friendly” regions in the world. But what specifically is happening within the Blockchain ecosystem? The “Crypto Valley Roundup” aims to provide insight and highlights from selected events every two months. With the first Blockchain companies settling in the area of Zug from 2013 onwards, […]

Swiss DLT regulatory framework implementation about to be completed

The regulatory framework for the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Switzerland was being worked out for years already. The adaption of Swiss law is now getting to the final stages, with overwhelming support from the Federal Council, and expected to be completed in 2021. Switzerland has been developing a regulatory framework for DLTs since 2014, following the principle […]