Hi! This is the first post about our tour. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, what took you so long Didi?! Hahaha. Sorry for that but the tour had kinda a too-early start and that’s positive for you guys, as you can now enjoy the tour a bit longer. The glass is always half full and never half empty!

It all started more than a year ago when I met Thierry in Zug at the Crypto Valley CV Labs where I did a small presentation for a project called lite.im. I don’t know how they are doing at the moment but that’s now what I wanted to say. I met Thierry and we had a great conversation about what he was building and what his project idea was. The day after we sat together to check the first preview and I was blown away by the features it was offering. So I told Thierry that I would love to help. I started to help a bit on the background and with some promotions etc. but because of our lockdown on a tropical island Koh Phangan in Thailand, it was difficult to focus on a project. Yes, the Cuba libre and Mai Thai on a white sand beach with palm trees and a hammock doesn’t make it easy. It is also there where I met the team and started to build HouseofDao.io but that’s another story.

Then, 2 months later, my kids wanted to go to Europe to see the family, believe me, I didn’t want to leave the island hahaha, but my older daughter told me “Dad, you taught us to not live in fear so why not go to Europe if the whole flu is fake and we don’t live in fear?” So bam! They are learning by living life and that moment was a confirmation that the world schooling of our kids was working. So we flew to the Netherlands and after that to Spain. It was in Spain where I after 4 weeks got the feeling that I needed to do something more for the industry. One day at breakfast the idea came to me. I said, “ Romaine, what if we just buy a jeep style car and do a kick-ass tour in Spain and Portugal and some other countries to create some cool media for also non-crypto people?”. Of course, she gave me the look – that look that women give when you propose strange things hahaha. But because Spain was going into lockdown and we wanted to have some more adventure we agreed on doing it during that breakfast. That’s when I thought I will write a few companies if they wanna become part of the tour and you already guessed it – Thierry was the first to answer and jumped in with MachinaTrader.

Bam! That was an amazing start and I couldn’t believe Thierry did it but I am so thankful. Then the time pressure started as Spain was going into the lockdown phase, so we started to search for a car and ended up with a White Landrover Discovery 3. A really cool car but of course it needed to be pimped. We bought that car, drove to Portugal a week later and then finally the tour could start. Just like setting up a new company like MachinaTrader, we started a tour with some Bitcoins and a white car that now needed to slowly evolve to the Bitcoin Family Machina!!

We finally found a place as a base in Lagos. Yes, that’s not easy with a family of 5 of which 4 are women hahaha, but we did it. We also found a wrapping company that turned the white landrover into the Bitcoin Family Machina with the coolest rooftop I have ever seen. 2 brands one love and that is exactly why The Bitcoin Family and MachinaTrader, with the same mindset of changing this world for the better by using the amazing tools of blockchain and crypto, came together.

I will from now on keep you up to date on our weekly adventures during this tour with a post. If you want to visualize those adventures, make sure you also subscribe to our YouTube and other social media channels as we are posting videos and pictures on a daily basis.

Thanks to Thierry and the MachinaTrader team for the support and yes, 2 brands one love!!

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