US banks obtain permission to hold crypto-currencies

This week, the US supervisory authority, Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), announced in an open letter that nationally licensed banks are allowed to offer custody services for crypto-currencies. The regulatory environment in the United States regarding the provision of trading and services in digital assets is not uniformly regulated. The legal situation is […]

InCore Bank cooperates with Kraken, one of the leading crypto exchanges worldwide

In line with its recently communicated strategy for digital assets, InCore Bank is now the first financial institution in Switzerland to offer banking services to Kraken clients. Zurich/Schlieren, 3 July 2020 – Kraken is the largest crypto currency exchange in Europe in terms of euro volume. With this integration Kraken offers its customers another simple […]

FED document discusses risks for commercial banks through CBDC’s

In a 32-page document entitled “Central Bank Digital Currency”, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia examined the future of the monetary system in connection with digital central bank currencies (CBDCs). The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia concludes in the paper that the introduction of digital currencies could lead to a fundamental change in the architecture […]

Reddit launches Subreddit Token

The use of the tokens will revolve around subreddit-specific digital rewards and rewards within the Reddit platform, including a “special membership” and voting privileges. The US-American company Reddit, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2005 and currently generates a turnover of around 100 million US dollars annually. In addition, the group currently employs approximately […]

JPMorgan Chase provides banking services for US crypto exchanges

The step of the major US bank JPMorgan Chase to accept two well-known crypto exchanges as customers with immediate effect could be followed by other institutions. It proves that the traditional financial industry is becoming more open to digital currencies like Bitcoin. The CEO of JPMorgan Chase once called Bitcoin a fraud, but now the […]

Americans sometimes use helicopter money to buy Bitcoin

The Bitcoin price has fallen sharply in recent months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this has not reduced public interest in crypto-currencies. Some of the US government’s helicopter money is also being used to buy Bitcoin. As Forbes magazine reports, several Americans are using the $1,200 stimulus checks to purchase crypto-currencies such as […]