Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes) – Trustless and Secure

Centralised Exchanges have played a pivotal role in the crypto asset ecosystem, acting as fiat ramps, custodians, exchange, market makers and VCs. Algorithmic smart contract based Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes) offer a non-custodial alternative and have turned into serious competition. Bitcoin started in 2010 as the first crypto asset, and the only way to acquire it […]

Uniswap announces protocol upgrade (V3)

The long-awaited official announcement on the launch of Uniswap version 3 has finally arrived. However, it dashed hopes for vast improvements in transaction costs and speeds. What’s new and why were some user disappointed? Following a teaser posted on March 23, the team behind the world’s most popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, has finally released details on the specifications of version […]

How SushiSwap Positioned Itself as a Formidable Uniswap Rival

The term “vampire mining” was coined when DeFi protocol SushiSwap forked from Uniswap in August 2020. SushiSwap subsequently leeched a good portion of Uniswap’s liquidity, but now it appears to be standing on its own as a DeFi “bluechip”. On-chain metrics provider Santiment has taken a deep dive into the SushiSwap DeFi clone. It draws a conclusion that SushiSwap has become […]

Uniswap “Stimulus Check” for DeFi users

Uniswap, currently the largest decentralized exchange, launched its “UNI” token last week. They celebrated this by granting 400 tokens to each user – nearly 3’000 US dollars for a short period of time. We explain the latest events concerning Uniswap and its competitor, SushiSwap. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), together with the DeFi space, have recently experienced an incredible […]