What may be causing Google searches for “Bitcoin Halving” to surge?

The whistle for “halve-time” is set to blow, with May 2020 creeping ever closer. For those operating in the crypto-verse the “halving/halvening”, is the talk of the office, with speculation as to what new heights the price of bitcoin will surge to taking center stage. This interest in 2020’s most anticipated crypto-event is seemingly mirrored […]

The Bitcoin Halving – Previous Effects on Share Price

In May 2020 it is “halve-time”. The fee received by a miner for securing the blockchain network in the form of newly created bitcoins will be halved. The term known as “halving” will half bitcoin’s inflation rate. Thus, it is important to ask, what impact have the past halvings had on the price of bitcoin?    Bitcoin money supply and inflation  Bitcoin, as a […]