Swissquote, the largest online bank in Switzerland, has announced a record-breaking year for 2023, despite the results not being expected until March. The bank, based in Gland VD, has had a very successful year, according to a statement released on Thursday.

Swissquote expects a pre-tax profit of at least 255 million Swiss francs, with a net income of approximately 530 million Swiss francs. This impressive performance has been achieved in what has been described as a “difficult” market environment.

Furthermore, Swissquote reported that customer assets reached a level of 58 billion Swiss francs at the end of the year, with a net inflow of new money amounting to 5 billion Swiss francs.

Even in March 2023, the bank’s leadership was quite confident that they were heading for a record year. At that time, the bank had just reported on the fiscal year 2022. The online trading specialist had then reported a net income of 408 million Swiss francs and a pre-tax profit of 186.4 million Swiss francs, the best result in the history of the institute. Until now.

The complete report for the fiscal year 2023 will be published on March 14, 2024.

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