iAccess Partners and Investas Partner to Facilitate Access to Private Market Investments

iAccess Partners, a Swiss fintech company, has entered into a partnership with investment advisory firm Investas to enhance customer access to the private market through a digital platform. The collaboration aims to provide a simplified and streamlined process for investing in private market funds.

Empowering Investors with a Digital Platform

iAccess Partners, founded in 2021 by Dimitri Manser, Philipp Manser, and Nico Meier, offers a digital platform that enables users to invest in “Blue Chip” private market funds with a minimum investment of 25,000 Swiss francs. This initiative aims to democratize access to private market investments, allowing smaller institutional clients and qualified retail investors to participate.

Embracing the Digital Transformation

Investas, led by CEO Marco Fumasoli, recognizes the growing significance of private market investments compared to publicly traded companies. The firm is committed to providing its clients with simple, transparent, and tailored solutions in this area, with the goal of creating long-term value. This partnership with iAccess Partners aligns with Investas’ broader commitment to driving digital transformation within the industry.

Investas has previously collaborated with digital asset manager Descartes Finance to offer digital pillar 3a solutions, further demonstrating its dedication to embracing technological advancements in the financial sector.

Unlocking Opportunities in the Private Market

The partnership between iAccess Partners and Investas aims to unlock opportunities in the private market for a wider range of investors. By leveraging the power of digital platforms and innovative solutions, the collaboration seeks to simplify the investment process and provide investors with greater access to the potential benefits of private market investments.

As the importance of private market investments continues to grow, iAccess Partners and Investas are poised to play a significant role in facilitating access to this asset class. Through their combined expertise and commitment to digital innovation, the partnership aims to empower investors and create value in the evolving financial landscape.

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