Conceptual artist and crypto-art/NFT pioneer Kevin Abosch made headlines across the globe in 2018 with his groundbreaking work IAMACOIN as the first person to tokenize himself in the form of 10 million ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Kevin Abosch is a conceptual artist known for his works in photography, sculpture, installation, AI, blockchain and film. His work addresses the nature of identity and value by posing ontological questions and responding to sociologic dilemmas.

Later that year his work YELLOW LAMBO, a yellow neon sculpture comprised of 42 alphanumerics was sold to the former COO of Skype for $400’000, more than the cost of an actual Lamborghini Aventador automobile. The sculpture was informed by Abosch’s non-fungible Token (NFT) YLAMBO, also in 2018. The NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain. Content and metadata are stored on the Arweave Permaweb.

New project “1111”

On March 23rd the artist will bring a new project to OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. This work has been shrouded in secrecy for over a year and is related to a body of work entitled Hexadecimal Testimony, described on Abosch’s official website as: “Cryptographic keys, some truncated, sublimate into a lingual arcana and a repository of sacred knowledge.”

A number of surprises and features including a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) will be revealed over time.

Kevin Abosch

Fans and collectors of the artist’s work are treated to occasional tweets that suggest the work is any thing but ordinary: “Do you collect the art, or does the art collect you?” / “Never fear art!” / “Please pay attention.”

Abosch has revealed that his colorful and varied grids of cryptographic alphanumerics are “embedded with emergent intelligence.”

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