LGT Wealth Management, a UK firm that is part of Liechtenstein’s LGT, has appointed Siobhan Archer as global stewardship lead. In her new role, Archer will be responsible for driving LGT’s global stewardship initiatives and implementing voting, engagement activities, and policy advocacy. She will work closely with LGT Group’s management teams across the UK, EMEA, and APAC to strengthen their stewardship capabilities as part of the company’s net zero 2030 strategy. Archer will report to Phoebe Stone, head of sustainable investing, and provide strategic input on net zero, biodiversity, and human rights work. She will also act as the primary point of contact for collaborative engagements and external working groups. Archer brings extensive experience in stewardship and sustainable investing, having previously worked for the Principles for Responsible Investment and Arabesque Asset Management. LGT Wealth Management has been actively pushing its sustainability credentials and recently joined Nature Action 100, a collaborative biodiversity initiative, and became a supporter of the Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030. The appointment of Archer reflects the firm’s commitment to driving positive change through its stewardship activities.

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