Leading communications companies want to optimize roaming costs using the blockchain technology

The three telecommunications companies Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone are working on a block chain solution to simplify the billing of roaming costs. The system should make it possible to generate roaming billing results within a few minutes.

As part of the project, Spain’s Telefonica, as well as Deutsche Telekom, already contributed $13 million to the Series A financing of a start-up called “Clear” at the beginning of the year.

Roaming agreements are complex and costly

The system should enable companies to receive roaming billing results within minutes. System-relevant data can also be updated immediately. Furthermore, the solution of the start-up company should reduce costs for telecommunication companies and ensure more efficient billing of transactions and workflows. Initial tests have already been completed and included a system for billing roaming data from all three providers from 2019. Johannes Opitz – Vice President of Commercial Roaming Services at Deutsche Telekom – describes the roaming agreements as complex and costly processes. Clear’s solution should enable operators to work seamlessly with an ecosystem of partners.

Conditions can no longer be changed retroactively

By automating this workflow, the process is accelerated and streamlined. The use of the block chain means that the terms of the agreement cannot be subsequently changed. According to Rolf Nafziger – Senior Vice President of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier – the new technologies should therefore make the existing process even more secure.

The CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services -Sherif Bakir – considers the block chain technology to be essential in view of the increasingly relevant and complex technologies. New innovations such as 5G or the Internet of Things will bring digitalisation to a new level. Vodafone also believes that blockchain is the solution to lay the foundation for further sustainable innovations. By using Clear, the advantages of the blockchain can be solidly demonstrated.

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