One of the biggest food delivery services, Just Eat, accepted bitcoin as a payment means on the territory of France. This includes over 15,000 restaurants and is possible through partnering with Bitpay.

At the beginning of this year, the delivery services Just Eat and merged, which was the time for rebranding. Together with the redesign, the new Just Eat France website expanses the range of accepted payment ways, as reported by  Decrypt. Here belong bitcoin and its “smaller brother” Bitcoin Cash.

Partnering with Bitpay

The whole thing is possible thanks to the US payment service Bitpay, which has been providing businesses with the possibility to accept bitcoin payments for nine years. Also, other subsidiary companies of, like Lieferando and, use these services for some time already.

To pay with bitcoin, the customer should scan a QR code and transfer a relevant amount of money from their digital wallet. The respective purchases with bitcoin are promptly converted in Euro with the help of Bitpay. Just Eat France doesn’t deal with the additional expenditures and risks; therefore, thy don’t demand any further transactional fees for bitcoin payments. 

Crypto adoption paces forward

Besides France, Just Eat is present in 12 other countries and provides services to over 27 M customers and 112,000 partner-restaurants. If the experiment in France goes smoothly, soon millions of people will be able to pay for food delivery with bitcoin.

“Just Eat is a decisive provider of food delivery services in France; this initiative could lead to the popularization of the cryptocurrency use to open public,” answered Gregory Raymond, an author of the Frech business magazine Capital, to the question by Decrypt.

A court decision in the French community Nanterre compared bitcoin with the conventional currencies half a year ago. France develops deeper ties with one of the greatest cryptocurrencies.

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