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Your Child Benefit: Stay Updated on Important Changes

As a parent or guardian receiving Child Benefit, it is crucial to stay informed about recent updates and changes that may impact your entitlement. Keeping HMRC informed of any changes in your child’s circumstances is essential to ensure uninterrupted benefit payments.

Several circumstances can affect your eligibility for Child Benefit, including:

  • Your child completing full-time non-advanced education or approved training between December and February
  • Your child finishing education or training between March and May
  • Your child pursuing a ‘higher certificate’ or ‘advanced higher certificate’ in Scotland and completing exams before the end of May
  • Your child completing full-time non-advanced education or approved training between September and November

It is important to note that failing to update your details on time may result in delayed payments. However, you may still be eligible to claim Child Benefit.

There are certain changes in circumstances that may lead to a reduction or cessation of Child Benefit:

  • You or your partner’s earnings exceeding £50,000, resulting in a Child Benefit tax charge. If earnings exceed £60,000, the tax will cancel out the benefit.
  • Separation or divorce from your partner, where only one of you will receive Child Benefit, typically the person the child lives with.
  • Changes in your living arrangements, such as moving house, which won’t affect your Child Benefit if the child still resides with you. If you go abroad, you can still receive Child Benefit for the first eight weeks (or 12 weeks for medical treatment) as long as you remain a UK resident and don’t stay abroad for more than a year.
  • Changes in your immigration status, where losing the ‘right to reside’ for EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein citizens will result in the termination of Child Benefit. For non-EU citizens, changes in immigration status may affect Child Benefit, but your partner may still be eligible to claim.

Remember, staying updated on the latest information regarding Child Benefit is crucial. Visit the GOV.UK website for comprehensive details on Child Benefit and any recent changes.

Child Benefit is a weekly payment provided to individuals responsible for raising children under 16 or young people under 20 in full-time education or approved training. The payment amount varies based on the number of children, with £24.00 for the eldest or only child and £15.90 for additional children.

It is worth noting that Child Benefit and Guardian’s Allowance will increase in line with the September Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation figure of 6.7%, effective from April 2024.

If your Child Benefit payment amount changes and you are unsure why, consider these four possible reasons:

  • You did not update your details on time
  • Your child has left education or training
  • Your child has joined the armed forces or a government-sponsored careers program
  • Your child has turned 16 and is not in full-time non-advanced education or approved training

Stay informed and ensure you meet the necessary requirements to continue receiving Child Benefit.

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