FarmVille developer wants to launch blockchain game network

The creator of the popular Facebook game FarmVille, Eric Schiermeyer, has entered the blockchain gaming industry. Schiermeyer is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Game Partners and has started developing a blockchain-based gaming platform. Schiermeyer’s gaming network is called Gala Network, and takes place on the blockchain. The platform will allow players to fully own blockchain-based in-game items. The in-game items should therefore be presented as non-fungible game pieces. These can be used in several games available on the Gala network. Already fifteen developers are currently working on the development of Gala. Townstar integrates mining function Blockchain Game Partners is working with Sandbox Games to develop Townstar, which will be the first game of the Gala network. Townstar is a similar game to Farmville 2,  one of the most successful releases from Schiermeyer’s gaming company Zynga. Townstar will offer an in-game  currency  which has a fixed price. The game also includes a pseudo-mining function. Players can buy “loot boxes”, which contain parts needed to build a “farm bot”. With these you can mine the currency in the game. The finished Farm-Bots can also be bought within the game at a higher price. The tokens can also be used in future games available on the Gala network. Blockchain will revolutionize the gaming experience In an interview with Venturebeat, Schiermeyer predicted that blockchain-based gaming will offer gamers “a revolutionary experience”. It should allow players to take full control of the items in the game. He also said that the industry-wide disruptions caused by the blockchain will trigger a transfer of wealth. This transfer will allow players to take a portion of the value that would otherwise be absorbed by large entertainment companies.
Just like networked games and social games, I believe that block-chain games are the next evolution of games. Unlike any other experience I’ve had, when you spend money here, you actually get something. Something that you can keep and maybe even give away or give to someone else. With traditional free-to-play games, you can’t do that right now. And people just accept that. We also believe that the whole ecosystem will grow immensely, so you can give players real added value. This would be a tectonic shift that’s about to happen.
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