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In a significant development, Crypto.com, based in Dubai, has obtained regulatory approval with the issuance of a Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) license from the city’s regulatory authority. This milestone highlights Crypto.com’s commitment to regulatory compliance and positions the platform as a key player in meeting the growing demand for virtual asset services in Dubai’s dynamic economic landscape.With the VASP license, Crypto.com will be able to offer a range of services to individual and institutional investors, including exchange services, broker-dealer services, investment services, and lending and borrowing services.Dubai has become an attractive destination for crypto businesses due to its sensible rules for the cryptocurrency industry and its support for market uptake and innovation. Crypto.com, with over 80 million customers worldwide, recognizes Dubai’s role as a pioneer in developing a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency sector.Dubai’s emergence as a cryptocurrency hub is driven by its progressive approach to digital assets and its efforts to establish a regulatory framework that provides clarity and stability for businesses operating in this rapidly evolving realm. Unlike the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai have established a transparent legal structure for cryptocurrency companies to adhere to, making it an appealing jurisdiction for companies like Binance to establish permanent offices.Overall, Dubai’s regulatory environment and commitment to the cryptocurrency sector have positioned it as a rising digital assets hub in the Middle East, attracting numerous companies seeking a crypto-friendly jurisdiction.

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