Delta Air Lines is facing macroeconomic challenges and labor issues that are impacting its near-term outlook. The Atlanta-based airline recently informed investors that it is now entering a period of optimization after two years of intense restoration. Despite beating expectations in the most recent fourth quarter, Delta has adjusted its full-year earnings per share guidance to $6 to $7, down from its own $7 forecast in 2022. This news led to a more than 7% drop in Delta’s stock and a selloff across other major airline shares.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian expressed confidence in the company’s 2024 numbers, but also noted the volatility in the market due to geopolitical tensions, election seasons worldwide, fluctuating energy prices, and ongoing supply chain costs and constraints. Despite these challenges, Bastian remains optimistic about the demand for air travel in 2024, citing a strong customer base with travel as a top priority.

Delta has been focusing on digital experiences to drive growth and engagement among its travelers. The airline has added Walmart+ to its Delta Sync partner suite and reported record engagement with its Delta SkyMiles program. The Fly Delta App also saw a 25% increase in annual visits in 2023, crossing 1 billion visits.

Business travel, a significant revenue source for airlines, is showing signs of improvement. Bastian noted that tech companies are starting to travel again, and sectors like auto and entertainment have rebounded following strikes in the fourth quarter. Delta President Glen Hauenstein revealed that more people are opting for Delta’s higher-priced cabins, driving up revenue from premium cabins by 15% during the last quarter.

However, the airline industry is grappling with challenges related to plane repair, maintenance, skilled labor, and supply chain bottlenecks. An incident involving a Boeing 737 Max 9 operated by Alaska Airlines, where a fuselage panel blew out mid-flight, highlights these issues. Delta executives acknowledged that aircraft repairs and the parts supply chain are areas that have not yet returned to pre-pandemic performance levels. Bastian stated that Delta is working through these supply chain issues, particularly on the engine side of the business, and is focused on training and hiring.

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