The Zug-based crypto and blockchain investment company CV VC announced that it is investing in the new Finka Token. The security token gives investors access to a cattle farm in Bolivia as an asset class.

CV VC has signed an agreement to invest in the Finka Token as part of a newly introduced Digital Assets category, in addition to VC investments. Their investment sets a foundation for sustainable Digital Asset investments in the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem.

A way to democratize capital

The Finka Token is an investment with significant impact. Beyond the positive environmental and social impact, by leveraging the power of blockchain, the Finka token aims to democratize access to capital and reduce the barrier to entry for retail investors. By eliminating intermediaries and reducing the transactional costs, the Finka Token is a financial instrument available to the retail investor in any jurisdiction.

As the international demand for alternative investments and Security Tokens is growing, CV VC has taken a firm step in the field of Digital Assets.

“The Finka Token is a carefully structured and well thought-out use case of our new investment category Digital Assets. Investing in financial innovation reaffirms CV VC’s commitment to the support of blockchain based projects within the Crypto Valley ecosystem”

Olaf Hannemann, CIO and Co-founder of CV VC.

The Token incorporates all the increased legal requirements that need to be followed, whilst decreasing the roles and cost of intermediaries. It is currently in its final stages of its private sale phase which is ending on the 30st of September 2020.

About CV VC

CV VC invests all over the world in the most promising blockchain start-ups and runs an incubation program for young companies as well as its own ecosystem with events and a co-working space in Zug and Liechtenstein.

About Finka-Token

The Finka Token is a digital security Token granting the investor the rights to the net operating revenues of the underlying cattle ranch La Pradera located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The Token is lowering the barrier to entry for investors who want to have exposure in predictable and low-risk asset, which is not correlated with conventional investments. The Token was developed and is operated by the Swiss company Finka GmbH, based in Zug.

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