Bitcoin Halving – View from the Crypto Valley

The Bitcoin Halving is already making big waves. What is the Halving and why is it relevant? Leading minds from Crypto Valley will discuss the event on Thursday at 4 pm in an online event.

Is it time for Bitcoin to earn its place under the sun?

About the event “Bitcoin Halving – View from the crypto Valley

The imminent announcement of the halving of the charge for the miners in the Bitcoin network is a privileged moment to take a closer look at a number of issues:

  • What are the short and medium-term effects on the price level to be expected?
  • How have the miners prepared for this event, and does this profitability shock pose a unique threat to the security level of the network?
  • The “halving” events illustrate the predictability of monetary issuance in crypto-currencies as opposed to the arbitrary monetary policy of central banks. We are witnessing the moment when a huge economic crisis triggered by a pandemic threatens to overwhelm already over-indebted states. In the coming turbulence, the value concept of unstoppable pure crypto-currencies, whose maximum money supply is fixed in the code, will probably meet with wider acceptance in many countries. Has the historic time come for Bitcoin & Co. to earn their place under the sun?

The introduction will be followed by a discussion

Leading experts from Crypto Valley will give their views on the technical and financial implications of Bitcoin Halving.

  • Dr. sc. ETH Christian Decker – Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream, working on the Lightning Network and researching scalability solutions
  • Dr. Raffael Huber, analyst at Bitcoin Suisse AG;
  • Dr. Lewin Boehnke – Research Manager at Crypto Finance AG & CTO at Crypto Storage AG;
  • Arnaud Salomon – CEO Mt Pelerin;
  • Yves Longchamp – Head of Research at SEBA Bank AG;
  • Dr. Gorazd Ocvirk – Senior Vice President, Head of FinTech and DLT Services at Sygnum Bank
  • Alexandre Juncker – Blockchain expert at Alpiq and author of the “Blockchain Quarterly” reports will moderate the session.

The Crypto Valley Journal is pleased to accompany the online event as media partner of our launch partner CV Labs.

Click here for free registration. The event will be held in English language.

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