Financial services provider Square invests 50 Mio. USD in Bitcoin

After Microstrategy, another company is allocating part of its liquid assets to Bitcoin. The financial services and mobile payment company Square, headquartered in San Francisco, announced that it has purchased 50 million USD of the cryptocurrency. Founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder) and Jim McKelvey, the company launched its first service in 2010 […]

Is the introduction of the digital Euro coming soon?

Contactless payments are increasingly being used even for small amounts. For this reason the European Central Bank is considering the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). A comprehensive report on the possibilities of the digital Euro appeared on Friday. The European Central Bank is continuing its work on the digital Euro. Internal tests […]

DeFi: What happens when the music stops?

DeFi has significantly improved token design and distribution compared to the ICO era. Still, the current yield farming trend does not seem sustainable. It’s likely that only bigger protocols, which have added value and have defensibility, will survive in the long term. While not yet complete, this year can already be classified as unexpected and […]

The Crypto Finance Conference returns to St. Moritz in January 2021

CfC St. Moritz announced the dates for the fourth annual Crypto Finance Conference, complete with a COVID-19 safety strategy validated with the Swiss health authorities. There will be speakers from Winklevoss Capital, Swiss National Bank, European Parliament, and more. Crypto Finance Conference (CfC St. Moritz), one the biggest digital asset and blockchain conference for investors, will return to […]

Tokenization in reality: The Finka token and the future of finance

Up to now, assets such as land, art, wine, etc. have been limited either to geographical boundaries or accredited investors. Through ” tokenization “, assets can be made available to a wider audience. A practical example. Asset tokenisation enables the use of smart contracts to automate processes such as settlement, compliance, distribution, reporting, etc. Global […]