SEC Poised to Approve Bitcoin ETFs, BlackRock Expands into Crypto ETFs

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is on the verge of making a significant decision that could have a profound impact on cryptocurrency investments. By November 17, the SEC may approve all 12 pending spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications, opening up a new era of accessibility for digital assets. However, it’s important […]

Australian Tax Office Clarifies Capital Gains Tax Treatment for DeFi and Token Wrapping

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has provided guidance on the tax treatment of decentralized finance (DeFi) and wrapping crypto tokens. The ATO clarified that Australians will be taxed on capital gains when wrapping and unwrapping tokens. This is part of the ATO’s focus on crypto capital gains, which was outlined in May 2022. The transfer […]

Binance and SEC Reach Confidentiality Agreement in Landmark Legal Battle

In the ongoing legal battle between Binance and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a joint motion for a protective order has been filed. This motion aims to establish guidelines for the treatment and disclosure of confidential information during the litigation process. The SEC’s enforcement actions in the cryptocurrency sector have increased under Chair […]

Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit: Important Dates Set for Remedies Phase

US District Judge Analisa Torres has set important dates for the ongoing legal battle between Ripple Labs and the SEC. The court order outlines the schedule for the remedies briefing and discovery phase of the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit. The key dates to remember are as follows:- February 12, 2024: Remedies briefing officially begins, marking […]

XRP Price Surges on Deceptive BlackRock Trust Registration

XRP experienced a sudden surge in price due to a deceptive business registration claiming to be a BlackRock XRP trust. The filing, which closely resembled genuine registrations associated with the renowned asset management firm, caused a stir in the cryptocurrency community. The value of XRP briefly increased by about 14% as a result. However, the […]

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Consumer Loan

Consumers in Switzerland can find advantageous consumer loans by using online comparison sites such as,, and These platforms provide a comparison of different loan offers from banks and other lenders, displaying information on interest rates, fees, and other conditions.It is important for individuals to carefully review the terms and conditions of the […]

FTX Charity Employee Seeks $275,000 Salary Bonus Amidst Bankruptcy Battle

An employee of FTX’s charity wing, Ross Rheingans-Yoo, is seeking payment of $275,000, the remaining amount of his claimed 2022 salary bonus. Rheingans-Yoo’s lawyers argue that only $375,000 of his $650,000 bonus was paid by FTX, with the remaining funds owed when the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy in November 2022. FTX has objected to […]