The MachinaTrader Tour 2020 – Part 2

This is the second post about our MachinaTrader tour! We were driving from Spain to Portugal and there it was, exactly after driving 800 km, the orange motor engine light started to flash for the first time. Did we buy the wrong car? Did they sell us a broken car? All kinds of thoughts go through your mind when you are a non-technical car person like me, hahaha. After googling and a coffee at a gas station we were convinced it was nothing and we continued our drive towards Portugal.

At that moment we still didn’t have a place where we were going to stay and we were about to arrive in Lagos in 5 hours time! Why did we choose Lagos? Because it’s in the Algarve, so it’s sunny and we love the sun, and it’s nicely connected to the west coast so we can do some cool adventures from there. Also, the town is not too big and not too small and has a hippy Ibiza vibe which we like.

To be honest, we were already looking for an apartment for some time but like always, when we can’t find one, we seem to forget about it and so at the last moment in the car, we still didn’t book an apartment. This first leads to some stress as Romaine hates looking for places – but she tries – and then after 2 hours of searching, she always says “shall I drive so you can search?”. Bam! we switched seats and I started to search. We were going to arrive in Lagos at around 18.30 so I had a few hours to find something. We found a nice place and they were willing to open in the evening but they didn’t want to accept Bitcoin and only use Airbnb. However, the house looked nice! The price was fair as well so we agreed and used our crypto debit card to pay for the house. We arrived at the place and it had a really amazing view. After a month of staying there, we wanted to change the place as we wanted to pay rent in bitcoin and needed one extra bedroom as the kids prefer to have their own bedrooms. Yes, I found a nice place that we were able to pay with bitcoin so that’s amazing. We love this place and if you check our YouTube video you will see why, hahaha. So finally we settled down in Portugal.

Now we needed to find a company that could wrap the Landrover in bitcoin style. Together with Mathias from MachinaTrader, we created a very cool design but it now needed to come to life on the Machina. After searching for a couple of days, I’ve found Narua publicidade ( and they were willing to do the job for an excellent price. Not accepting bitcoin but willing to be educated so a cool deal was made. I needed to leave the “bitcoin Machina” – our new car – there for 4 days, but when we picked up the Machina, we were blown away by the looks. The 2brandonlove on the rooftop is kick-ass cool and everything else also looked amazing. It was a few days later when we saw the ₿ was tilting the wrong way so I called the company and they made time to change it. The ₿ needs to be tilted the right way because else it was referring to another version of bitcoin. Do you know the story behind this by the way??

The Bitcoin logo we know today is riddled with symbols. For example, the number eight pops up multiple times in the dimensions and geometry of Bitcoin’s design (e.g., the ₿ is rotated clockwise 13.88 degrees — more on this later). Per the internet language 1337, an eight resembles a ₿, which is short for “Block,”. Many of the patterns that went into creating the Bitcoin logo’s design, like the circles that eventually made up the ₿, contain the number eight. The dimensions of other shapes (like the rectangles in the design) had a length of 12.5 (or, one-eighth of 100, thus representing eight yet again). “14° came about by adding an infinite number of ₿’s together by dividing the previous value by 10. 12.5 + 1.25 + 0.125 + 0.0125 + 0.00125 + 0.000125 + 0.0000125 + 0.00000125 + 0.000000125 + 0.0000000125 + 0.00000000125 + 0.000000000125 … This comes to about 13.888 repeating. When using a drawing program that rounds the rotation angle to the closest full percent, the angle becomes 14°. The angle represents the blockchain progressing into the future forever.”

But now back to the story. We needed to change the ₿ asap and then the car wrapping job was finished!! I am still so happy when I see the landrover Bitcoin Machina every day!! It just makes me smile every time, again and again. We found a base and the landcover was ready to discover Portugal. We already created some really cool daily content that you can see on YouTube and we also create a weekly episode together with Gokhstein media ( that’s following our adventure. Last week we were even mentioned in CNBC twice ( and all over the internet so yes indeed, the 2brandsonelove tour is doing what it was supposed to do for our family but also marketing-wise for MachinaTrader. Join us in this adventure to the moon, but let’s first discover Portugal some more hahaha.

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    The saga continues! 🙂 …btw the wrapping company really did a great job!

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