Shoe manufacturers Chase Shiel and Kickz want to bring sneakers to the Blockchain

Within the scope of a cooperation between the Australian shoe producer “Chase Shiel” and the retailer “The Kickz”, a limited production of sneakers including placement on the Blockchain is planned.

The shoes, inspired by the Nike Air Max 1, can be tracked with the help of VeChain’s ToolChain Suite and the Thor Blockchain. Chase Shiel and VeChain – whose cooperation already exists since November 2019 – would like to use the platform also in the future to prove authenticity and to fight plagiarism. The ordered products are transmitted to VeChain with a tracking chip from the company. Since the shoes were inspired by Nike, but the production was not directly carried out by the US company, some people on social media have expressed criticism in this regard.

Nike has been wanting to tokenize shoes for a while now

According to speculation, VeChain is hoping for attention from Nike. In the past, Nike had repeatedly considered tokenizing their own shoes. This is documented in a document published on December 10 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In this document, Nike explains how to assign IDs to shoes and create ERC 721 tokens for them. When purchasing shoes, buyers can “unlock” these tokens and then link them to unique owner IDs. This enables them to confirm ownership of the shoes. The limited edition sneakers of well-known brands, such as Adidas or Nike, are becoming increasingly popular and often change owners for prices in the four-digit range.

VeChain also makes food traceable

Another business line of VeChain is the traceability of food in China. This year, the company has already announced partnerships with the Walmart subsidiary, the premium shopping chain Sam`s Club and the Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company. At a trade fair last year, the company also agreed to cooperate with the ASI Group. Together, the first cross-continental logistics and retail solution based on the public block chain “VeChainThor” is to be initiated.

The solution, called Foodgates, is to be used by the food and beverage industry. With the help of the solution, certified information about the complete life cycle of the products can be obtained. The production chain can be tracked from cow selection, packaging and intercontinental shipping to the end consumer in the restaurant. President Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron were among those present at the project’s opening ceremony.

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