MachinaTrader opens its doors to the community and further increases its user base during Private Beta

We are excited to announce our community opening, the next major milestone on our roadmap. Our goal is to provide our community with the necessary environment to share ideas with like-minded people, gain exposure to trading-related topics, and get a clearer picture of what MachinaTrader is.

Over the next few weeks, we will gradually increase our user base on our trading platform. Therefore, we will offer free subscriptions to our trading terminal to those who register sooner on our platform and have the appropriate trading expertise.

This will act as your ticket to increase your chances of free access to our trading platform during private beta.

During the beta phase, you will be able to explore the platform, get a more detailed picture, and try out the following functionalities:

  • Machina Engine
  • Paper Trading
  • Live trading
  • Development of Trading Strategies
  • Backtesting of Trading Strategies
  • Access to Trading Strategies on our Marketplace

This phase is expected to last until January when we will open the barriers to a public beta version where the platform will have the necessary stability and functionality to the open audience. At that time it will also be possible to use a more intuitive platform, develop trading strategies more comprehensively and use our Marketplace to its fullest.

We will mainly announce all the developments of our trading platform and the milestones of our roadmap in our community our website. Join our the MachinaTrader community now!

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  1. I’ve been looking for an all-in-one solution just like this. Excited to get started and contribute.

  2. ULTRA

    Very Impressive, now is the time to get active at MachinaTrader..

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