Logging and Debugging

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Algorithms can output log, debug and error messages to the "Log" tab of your backtest "Results" interfacelog files for later analysis. The pattern Log(string message) applies.

Log("Hello from CSharp");

If multiple identical log messages are sent, they are filtered out. You can intentionally bypass this by adding a timestamp to your log messages.

Log(Time.ToString("o") + " Buying BTCUSD: " + data["BTCUSD"].Price);

Debug messages are capped at 200 characters long. If multiple identical messages are sent within 1 second, we rate limit the messages to avoid crashing your browser.

Debug($"my variable value = {myVar}");

Like debug messages, error messages are rate limited to avoid flooding your browser. If several error messages are received in quick succession then your algorithm will produce a Runtime error and stop executing. You should use error messages sparingly and, typically, reserve error messages for conditions that force script execution.

Error("Volatility too high, terminating algorithm.");
Quit();  //Optional: Instruct algorithm to stop.

During backtesting you can view log, debug and error messages in the "Logs" tab of your backtest's "Results" page.

backtest logging
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