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    2020-11-18 at 2:22 pm
    MT Roids 66499 Roids
    Level 60: Heliopause

    Hey Didi.

    There is a multitude of ways to earn ROIDS via different Galaxy Quests. One level-up needs 1000 Roids.

    In detail, you can check the Galaxy Quests page, where you see all Quests and their requirements listed.


    and you can check your level progress as well as the ranking here:



    There is exclusive badges, standalone badges, badge series (1-10)

    As of today, the Quests that are active on the system focus mainly on the social media aspect (being active here on MachinaTrader, posting stuff, referring people, etc). However, with the coming release and the following updates, we are step by step going to increase the number of Galaxy Quests and they will be towed to trader-related events, such as for instance profitable trades, releasing trade strategies, getting a Sharpe-ratio of XY, etc. The options we have are nearly limitless, the gamification will therefore continuously grow, with each update. There will also be special events from time to time, like content challenges, trading challenges, seasonal events, and all of this is not only towed to solely leveling your galaxy quest level – depending on what badges, what badge series and what level you have you will continuously unlock new discounts, new rewards, and other nice treats.

    So, it’s worth always check what’s going on on the Galaxy Quest.

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