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  • Picasso

    2020-11-01 at 11:59 am
    MT Roids 59468 Roids
    Level 60: Heliopause

    Hi everyone

    I’m Picasso from the MachinaTrader team. I’ve been diving into the world of crypto two years ago 😊 – I am on board to make sure that our spaceship is shiny and cleanly dressed. That our ship is recognized from far away and our mission is well known beyond all galaxies. And that in our spaceship, everyone can find their way around and that all corridors are neatly labeled. I will create new pictures and designs and make all decks continuously more beautiful for you. From time to time I will have to repaint or repair certain parts, I hope I don’t disturb you.

    All in all I hope you all enjoy the flight and the beautiful view as we explore the depths of the universe. 🚀

    Let’s go together to where no man has gone before 🖖😉