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    2020-09-12 at 1:03 pm
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    Hey Jatinder

    About your last inquiry: yes we do have comments on that!

    We actually get that question quiet commonly.

    Now, we do not think that there is one “superbot” and we have surely not created it yet.
    What we did build is the best set of tools to allow the community to efficiently build on the best bots possible.
    We remove the hassle of all the difficulties of APIs in the Crypto World, Infrastructure Problems, all the technical background stuff that a strategy author does not want to care about.

    Also, tell your friends that we only serve the historical market-data via our backend servers, your instance is a fully private machina and once you start live trading it gets market-data directly from the exchange.

    We believe that it is the community and technology in a perfect symbiotic that allows for the next generation of trading bots.