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  • j4t1nd3r

    2020-09-11 at 4:53 pm
    MT Roids 15089 Roids
    Level 16

    Cool. Another bug I spotted:
    When you add top 10 coins as base selected as USDT, it will select BUSD which is another tethered coin to USD. So the funds tied into BUSD don’t move. I deleted the machina and recreated it to get around this.

    Finally, I am trying to bring others onboard to using MachinaTrader however they are sceptical of trading bots in general. They want to know what reason was to make this trading bot public. They believe the trading bot would have made more profit for you guys by being private. Do you have a comment that I can pass on that?

    I will wait for the big release before properly reporting bugs. 🙂