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    2020-09-11 at 1:41 pm
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    Hey Jatinder

    Yes, Binance is the most stable one for sure in the Alpha version.

    We are not far from pushing over 3 months of programming work to the next update. this is when we
    introduce the final script-engine of MT with a rework of all strategies and also some additions.
    This will also be the time when we will introduce the first version of our new documentation and learning university for strategy coding.
    This update also includes a total rework of the UI base tech, that takes care of all the “responsiveness” issues that we have seen. Additionally it will contain the first reworks of the design of some modules.

    We have had, as startups do, many little and some bigger challenges over the last 5 months. Not only covid, but also the quick scaling of the team, the challenges around dealing with capital rounds and last but not least some engagements with faith itself 😉

    However, we are doing good, we have redone are planning and we will soonly release an actual roadmap for the next months until the public release.

    That being said, the next months will be super exciting. We have a great product campaign coming up, with support of our official partners as well as some famouses faces of the industry.

    Regarding the bug reporting: You are very welcome to send bug reports to [email protected] for the time being until we activate our built-in support ticket system. But bear in mind that the coming update will cover 99% of the bugs that You see in Your version today.

    All the best
    Thierry / MachinaTrader Team