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  • Gigantor

    2020-09-07 at 7:05 pm
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    Level 31

    Hey Jatinder

    Thanks for getting in touch. We have about 200 Users on the platform right now. Most of the institutionals and mainly with a focus to check out the possibilities that the product offers. We will release a major update of the trade engine and script editor in about 2 weeks from now. From then on you will be able to live trade with real funds. Over the next 2 months the statistics, marketplace and machine learning robo advisors will be added to the Beta instances as well.

    Some hints I can give you anyways: We have seen great results using “Winter Trading” strategy on USD pairs on binance. Quick SMA and MACDX do also perform nicely when setup well.

    As for strategy coding, I would wait until the release of the final script engine in 2 weeks, we will also update our documentation accordingly and that will be the best point to start to actually code your own strategies.

    Get in touch if you want to know more!