ESPN Global plans Blockchain Online-Gaming Platform

The mobile e-sports platform ESPN Global wants to launch a block chain based gaming platform. An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with own Smart Gaming Tokens is to follow. The project is currently in the pre-introduction phase.

ESPN Global is the mobile e-Sports platform based in the UK. It is operated by the ESPN Global Corporation Ltd. based in Poland. It offers some of the most popular games in one application. It is a format that allows users to select a game and join a group of participants. Users can compete against each other in real time and the winner is announced based on the highest score.

Online gaming and e-sports

The gaming sector is one of the most receptive industries to new technologies. It is therefore not unexpected that blockchain technology is also used in this sector and is advancing more and more. A potential reason for the use of block chain is the growing importance of e-sports and the resulting payments, which are also increasing. According to an estimate by Statista, sales in this sector are steadily increasing and are expected to reach a value of approximately USD 1,790 million in 2022.

Blockchain-based playsite

The planned gaming platform is described by ESPN as a “unique block-chain-based gaming revolution” and is currently in the pre-introduction phase. According to a press release, players will be able to make money (by winning tournaments) as well as deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. For this purpose, the crypto currency payment specialist Cryptopay will be used to guarantee the promised crypto transactions.

Chris Parker, one of the directors of ESPN Global, says that the digital transactions being made in the e-sports and online gaming industry worldwide can greatly benefit from the integrity and resilience of blockchain technology.

“Aside from further advances in our application and the integration of more exciting block-chain-based games, we plan to launch the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of our own SGT (Smart Gaming Token) based on the ERC-20 platform as soon as we have built a good e-sports community. From the day we start operations, we will give SGTs to all registered players. In addition, all players who lose money by participating in games or tournaments will have their losses covered by our group and their ERC wallets will be credited with our SCTs in the amount of their losses”. – Chris Parker, Director of ESPN Global

Users should also receive a referral bonus for each player who joins via their referral links. All earnings can be redeemed directly. The company also announced the launch of the game development console by January 2022, which will allow gaming studios and independent game developers around the world to launch their games on the platform.

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