Bitcoin Capital launches first-ever actively managed cryptographic currency ETP on SIX

Today Bitcoin Capital, a new ETP issuer on the Swiss Stock Exchange, is launching the very first actively managed crypto-ETP that can be traded on a regulated marketplace.

The ETP offers private and institutional investors additional opportunities to diversify their portfolios with an actively managed crypto-currency basket. As a result, five ETP providers and a record number of 31 ETPs are available on SIX – further strengthening the position of the Swiss Exchange as the world’s leading marketplace for regulated crypto products.

With the ETP, which is now tradable on SIX, Bitcoin Capital offers an investment product whose underlying assets are crypto-currencies. It covers the top 15 crypto currencies and is characterized by active trading and active risk management. Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is issued by Bitcoin Capital AG and managed by FiCAS AG. The liquidity for this innovative product is provided by flow traders.

“We are pleased to welcome Bitcoin Capital to the ranks of ETP providers who are bringing their products to our exchange. The Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is the first in its class and adds access to an actively managed crypto product to the existing ETP universe. This brings the segment of tradable crypto instruments to over 140 products. In the first half of 2020, crypto products at SIX recorded a trading volume of more than CHF 360 million with 16,000 transactions”. – Alain Picard, Head Trading Sales & Management, Securities & Exchanges, SIX.

FiCAS AG is an investment management boutique for crypto currencies based in Switzerland. The company developed the Bitcoin Capital Active ETP, which is issued by Bitcoin Capital AG. The world’s first actively managed, exchange-traded product is available to both private and institutional investors in Switzerland and selected jurisdictions throughout Europe.

“Investors now have the new opportunity to invest money in a crypto-currency ETP that balances their direct and active participation – much like taking out a traditional discretionary portfolio management mandate. You invest and we take care of it.Second, investors buy into a clearly articulated trading strategy that has worked very well in the past. The trading strategy is based on two pillars: firstly, trading the relative value of Bitcoin and top Altcoins, and secondly, the timely exit when crypto currencies fall into a downward pattern”. – Mattia Rattaggi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FiCAS AG.

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