21Shares AG expands Bitcoin product range to the German Stock Exchange

The world’s leading issuer of crypto ETPs, 21Shares AG, is launching the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP on the regulated market of Deutsche Börse on July 2, 2020. 21Shares AG – headquartered in Zug, Switzerland – has listed the world’s first crypto basket (HODL) on the SIX Swiss Exchange in November 2018.

Since Zug became the global hotspot for so-called Initial Coin Offerings at the beginning of 2017, Switzerland has become the world leader in the block chain industry. As the institution that has facilitated global access to this novel asset class, 21Shares AG is now further strengthening Switzerland’s leading position by expanding its product offering to the international market through its listing on the German Stock Exchange.

Institutional acceptance by ABTC

ABTC (21Shares Bitcoin ETP) – with a track record of over one and a half years and a low cost structure of 1.49% p.a. – has pushed the institutional acceptance of the digital asset industry forward when it was the first crypto ETP to be listed on a regulated exchange (the SIX Swiss Exchange). Inspired by the pioneering work of the 21Shares team, other issuers in the market have replicated the structure of 21Shares AG’s original Bitcoin ETP.

“As a Swiss company, we are proud to bring the ethos of the so-called “crypto nation” to neighboring countries. The listing on the German Stock Exchange not only strengthens our position in Switzerland, but also opens our institutionally structured products to the wider European and international markets.” – Sina Meier, Managing Director, 21Shares AG

This is by no means the first foray by 21Shares AG into regulated markets, but rathermerely adding to an already successful range of listings on European exchanges by the company that created the first institutional crypto-basket (HODL) in November 2018. According to the management team, “we are honored to list Bitcoin ETP on Xetra and we also plan to list our crypto-basket ETP HODL in the next step once we receive regulatory approval”. The ETPs of 21Shares AG bring additional transparency, protection and integrity to investors in an otherwise unregulated asset class.

21Shares already has an office in Berlin. The company is also planning further listings of crypto ETPs.

About 21Shares

21Shares makes investing in crypto-assets as easy as buying and selling shares via your conventional broker or your financial institution. Investors can invest in crypto-currencies with a conventional ETP structure (or tracker) easily, with full confidence and security and at low cost, thanks to the “21Shares” ETP suite introduced by 21Shares, which now consists of eleven crypto-ETPs. The entire product range is traded on the German Stock Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, BX Swiss and of the Stuttgart stock exchange in CHF, USD, GBP and EUR in a regulated environment.

21Shares was founded in 2018 and is managed by a talented team of entrepreneurs from the technology and finance sectors and experienced bankers. Headquartered in Zug with offices in Zurich, Berlin and New York, the company has introduced several world firsts, including the first publicly traded crypto index (HODL) in 2018. 21Shares today has a total of eleven crypto-ETPs listed on the stock exchange and has over $60 million AuM.

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